Fight Pitt CS:GO Tournament

Fight Pitt is a North American CS:GO tournament. With roots in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area, teams compete for cash prizes on the Club Conflict platform.

CS:GO Tournaments

Fight Pitt hosts exclusive CS:GO tournaments online and on LAN for Cash Prizes.

Qualify for LAN

The best Fight Pitt Online teams qualify to compete on LAN for their share of cash prizes.

Build Brand Awareness

Fight Pitt teams enjoy the exposure their team receives with select tournament matches cast LIVE on Twitch.TV.


Fight Pitt is an invite-only online and LAN CS:GO tournament series. The only way to play in Fight Pitt is to get invited by a Fight Pitt admin. Selection is dependent upon select criteria including but not limited to your teams' competitive skill level, member age and team maturity. All team owners must be 18+ and prove it. No VAC banned, Steam community banned, FaceIt, Club Conflict or ESEA banned players may compete.

The Promo Deck

Build a promo deck. This is a bio about your team and players.

List Achievements

Be sure to include a Player Profile section. List your achievements.

Mail an Admin

Send your Promo Deck off to an admin. Email is preferred.

Application Review

We'll review the applicants. North American teams only please.

Join our Discord

Teams who qualify for invite are notified in the Fight Pitt Discord.

Register Your Team

While waiting for your invite, register at Club Conflict.

Tournament Fees

Fight Pitt teams pay entry fees to compete in the various tournaments.

Online Tournament

  • $ 50/Team
  • Pay to Play Tournament
  • Played at Club Conflict
  • New Teams Start Here
  • Team Owners Must be 18+
  • 5 to 7 Team Members
  • Coach and Manager Optional


Online LAN Qualifier

  • $ 100/Team
  • Play Online - Qualify for LAN
  • Played at Club Conflict
  • Veteran Teams Only
  • Team Owners Must be 18+
  • 5 to 7 Team Members
  • Coach and Manager Optional


LAN Tournament

  • $ 0/Team
  • Entry Free to Qualified Teams
  • Played on LAN
  • Teams Must Travel to LAN
  • Team Owners Must be 18+
  • 5 to 7 Team Members
  • Coach and Manager Optional


Admin Team

Fight Pitt is operated by talented CS:GO player/admins with a positive history of online community and LAN tournament involvement.






Operations Manager



Tournament Admin



Tournament Admin



Tournament Admin

How Can I Follow Fight Pitt?

Check Out Our Resources


Fight Pitt Tournaments are cast at Club Conflict on Twitch.TV. Select matches are covered. Follow the action at Twitch.TV/ClubConflict

Club Conflict

All Fight Pitt teams are registered at Tournament information including the registered teams, schedule and brackets are available.


The tournament is operated from the Fight Pitt Discord server. Join the Fight Pitt Discord and take part in the excitement.


Follow us on Twitter. Tournament information and updates will be posted here.

Fight Pitt Reddit

Join our subreddit. Important Fight Pitt updates will be posted on Reddit.


Club Conflict Twitch Streams are uploaded 24 hours later to Youtube. Catch the VOD's on your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who owns Fight Pitt?

Fight Pitt is owned and operated exclusively by David Patterson. David is the President and CEO of Club Conflict, Inc. David also serves as the Director of Operations of Club Conflict League.

If my team wins a cash prize, who receives the payment?

Payment of the teams' entry fees can only be made by the Team Owner. Therefore; the Team Owner receives the payment of all cash prizes. The Team Owner is responsible for distributing winnings among their team as they seem fit. Fight Pitt is not involved in payment dispursement within individual teams.

Why is Fight Pitt Invite-Only?

Fight Pitt is invite-only because it is a promising platform to showcase hard working teams and players who have the potential of achieving greatness. With that greatness comes responsibility. Our teams and players uphold themselves to a higher standard.

Why does the Team Owner have to be 18+?

All teams that are invited to participate in Fight Pitt must agree to uphold all of our rules. These rules could be looked upon as a "Team Agreement" or contract with our organization. If a team breaks the rules, there will be consequences. Only adults 18+ can be legally bound by a contract. The Team Owner accepts all responsibility for their team, including their online and offline social media activity.

Can a Professional CS:GO player compete in Fight Pitt?

Fight Pitt is open to all skill levels from Amateur to Professional. A Professional CS:GO Player may be a Team Owner and even compete in the tournaments. They may not however, bring in other Professional CS:GO Players to compete on their team. We believe that Pro Players make great mentors and we encourage them to build and mentor teams at Fight Pitt.

Can a team kick their owner?

A Fight Pitt Team owner cannot be kicked from their team. Ownership transfers can be made voluntarily (with the original Team Owners permission) and only upon age verification of the new owner. Ownership transfers cannot take place during a tournament.

How old does a Fight Pitt team member have to be?

A Fight Pitt Team member must be 14+ years old or older. We hold the Team Owner responsible for ensuring that all of their team members are at least 14+ years old or older to participate.

Can a minor (under 18+) compete at a Fight Pitt LAN?

All minors (under 18+) must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian to the LAN event. Their parent or guardian must also sign a LAN Disclaimer, holding the event hosts and all associated sponsors and partners harmless of any damages or liabilities.

Where are Fight Pitt tournaments hosted?

All Fight Pitt Counter-Strike tournaments are hosted on the Club Conflict platform. All servers (Online and on LAN) are 128-tick Club Conflict servers. Matches are controlled by the Club Conflict Match Mod.

North American CS:GO Tournament: Fight Pitt

We are pleased to present to you: Fight Pitt, a premium North American CS:GO tournament series. Select CS:GO teams will be invited to compete at Fight Pitt.

Fight Pitt Tournaments are Hosted at Club Conflict

Fight Pitt is licensed to host host its' tournaments on the Club Conflict platform. Matches will be controlled by the Club Conflict Match Mod. Teams and players must register at

Fight Pitt CS:GO Teams to Compete for Cash Prizes

Watch the Fight Pitt tournaments on Twitch.TV. Follow the bracket and root for your favorite team. Fight Pitt teams play for cash prizes.